3 Juice Shots That Do The Body Good!


To start wheatgrass shots should be avoided if allergic to certain grasses. This is definitely a shot that has an acquired taste and not for everyone, but it does provide some really great benefits as it offers some antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and vitamins C and E.

Ginger + Lemon + Cayenne-

All three of these ingredients contain immune supportive properties and is thought to cleanse, detoxify and boost your metabolism. Individually these ingredients also offer great benefits, ginger and lemon help support a healthy metabolism but also nausea and digestion reduction. Capsaicin is an ingredient found in numerous types of hot peppers like cayenne, it helps reduce inflammation and pain.

  • Cayenne may be too spicy for some and that is okay! You can most definitely just do a Ginger + Lemon shot... you will still get some really great benefits!


These are among the most popular shots out there and it's not hard to understand why, after all they have numerous benefits. Turmeric offers a strong level of healthy nutrition, improves gut health, fights off diseases by reducing inflammation, and boosts the immune system. Next time the opportunity presents itself, don't forget to grab a shot!

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